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Going Green: Victory Gardens 2.0

Going GreenVictory Gardens were first developed when the country was in the midst of World War II. During that time, the U.S. government shipped and processed large quantities of vegetables, fruits and even herbs overseas to feed the military. Due to the resulting shortage of produce in the country, families across the country were urged to construct their very own gardens in order to cultivate fresh produce.

Victory Gardens - as they were referred to during the war - became a national phenomenon.

Today, the Victory Garden has evolved. While Americans are still facing wars overseas, it's the substantial inflation in the prices of fresh produce and fuel causing many individuals to turn to Victory Gardens as a way to compensate for the rising costs of living while making environmentally sound decisions and giving Mother Nature a hand.

Going GreenE. McGee Associates specializes in the next generation of Victory Gardens 2.0. If you need help to design and build your garden, plant self-sufficient crops or help maintain your very own garden, E. McGee Associates can help you.

Imagine growing strawberries, collard greens, beans and carrots from the comfort of your own home. Envision fresh produce that is free of pesticides and preservatives.

Contact us today to see how you can become a proud owner of a Victory Garden 2.0.