E.McGee Associates

Case Studies


  • A steep slope located in the backyard of the Wildman residence was eroding soil and landscape, creating difficulties in gardening and maintaining healthy foliage.
  • Due to the design of the home's backyard, a nearby body of water eroded and saturated landscape, plants and flora which prevented ideal growing conditions developing an unattractive backyard.


  • Design and construct a retaining wall at the base of the nearest body of water to prevent further erosion and help promote accretion and an overall growth in plant life.
  • Build various stacked stone walls behind the retaining wall to buffer area and give residents a location for healthy and ideal planting conditions.


  • Successfully built a retaining wall to stop erosion in area located near the body of water to help.
  • Designed and installed three stacked stone walls in backyard that are independent of the retaining wall in order to allow residents to productively garden in water-logged area.